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Alojamento Local Number 25719/AL - registered with Turismo de Portugal
Holiday House ::: Portugal
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Rate Details 2017

To enable groups of different sizes to enjoy the property at reasonable rates, there is a rate for the first five guests, plus a rate for each additional guest, plus a cleaning/linen fee per booking. The easiest way to find the rate for your visit is to use the rate calculator. You may also see a complete set of rate cards.

Please note: 5 - 10 guests, 5 - 30 nights, except by special arrangement.

Rates are quoted here in GB Pounds. You may settle in Euros if you wish, using the mid-market conversion rate at the time you confirm your booking by making your initial deposit. Mid-market rates can be found here or click the price quoted. (Ignore fractions of euro cents.) Rates may change at any time prior to contract, subject to demand.

  Guests Service
Arrival Date 5 5 extra extra Fee
2016 (week) (night) (week) (night) (x1)
All dates 700.00 125.00 84.00 15.00 50.00

The total rental rate is based upon the following:

Periods in excess of one week will be charged at the weekly rate for whole weeks plus the nightly rate for any additional nights, e.g. ten days will be charged for one week plus three days.

i.e. total rate for arrival date A will be equal to: (B × total weeks) + (C × extra nights) + (D × total weeks × extra guests) + (E × extra nights × extra guests) + F

If after using the rate calculator you are still unsure what the total rate will be, or if you have specific requirements not covered here, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please also see the availability calendar.